Campus Strategy Meeting at Creating Change

TO: All Students, Campus Activists, and Center Directors

Within the last few weeks we have seen a disturbing increase of hate crimes afflicting campuses across the nation. Mathew Shepard's murder comes at a time when reports on anti-GLBT incidents at Michigan State University, Goshen College, Georgetown University and others continue to surface.

As part of our response, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is convening an emergency strategy meeting on the Campus Climate to be held at the annual "Creating Change Conference" in Pittsburgh. The meeting will be held on Friday November 13th from 1-2pm and on Saturday November 14th 1-2pm. We hope that this meeting will help address how this violent climate affects campuses and what actions activists and organizations can take to work together.

We hope that students, campus activists, and campus based organizations attending the Creating Change conference will be able to join us for this strategy meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting but would like follow up information please email <ngltf@ngltf.org>. In the subject write "campus information" and in the text write:

1. Your name and email address

2. Campus name, city, and state

3. If you are with a campus organization, your organization's name, email address, and mailing address.

Meeting Description:

"Emergency Meeting - Campus Climate and Action"

"An emergency meeting for students and campus center directors to address the hostile climate and outbreak of hate crimes against GLBT students on campus. Participants in this meeting will identify current campus issues and their relationship with state issues, including hate crimes and sodomy laws. We will plan strategies for responding and working proactively on those issues both on and off campus and discuss methods for follow up on strategies identified. In March of 1999 actions in every state will highlight the issues and concerns of GLBT people. How can these actions serve as a vehicle for campus and community change? This is a planning meeting not a skills building workshop."

For more information on the Creating Change Conference please visit the NGLTF website at http://www.ngltf.org/cc98.

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