Two poems by Mike


I live in a hole,
Not far from here.
An endless abyss,
No direction to steer.
There is no light,
Where i now dwell.
YOU have all made me,
A personal hell.
No one to turn to,
No way to turn back.
Such high standards,
No room for slack.
This hole that I live in
Houses numerous fears,
Countless rejections,
And even more tears.
In one direction I've traveled,
And down it has been.
Lonely and isolated,
Without friend to depend.
I hate myself,
I despise my life.
Amounting desperation,
From endless strife.
Soon I will be free,
From all of this hurt.
A new hole i will go to,
Six feet under dirt.

"The Day"

My life I now will begin to live,
Because of the Truths that i now give.
The truths of who I am and what I must be,
The time for you to know the real me.
So long I have lived inside this shell,
Depression and guilt making my personal hell.
I must break free from these chains at all cost,
Before i fall in too deep and my soul is lost.
Right now you read words that constantly fly through my head
And often end with me wishing that i was dead.
So much pain I've endured, so many tears i have cried,
Because all I have done is lied, lied, lied.
To thy own self be true I have taken to heart,
Being who i truly am, now I shall start.
For today is the beginning of an end for my fears,
I look past the rejections and all of the tears.
For all of my life this will be my true day,
When I tell all the world that I am gay.


Mike, 17, can be reached at rico2222@hotmail.com. Here's what he had to say about the two poems: "The first was a poem that I wrote about two and a half years ago when I first began to realize my sexuality,. It is a depressing poem, but I think that all gay youth has felt this way at some point. Thankfully, I grew out of that depression and began to accept myself. A few months ago, I wrote another poem that I plan on giving my parents when I decide the right time to tell them about my true sexuality."



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