December 1998

The other day, I was flipping through a queer newspaper and came across an article I found disturbing. Throughout the piece, there was a very strong gay supremacy sentiment; sort of like we gay people are better than you straights. Though it was the first time, I felt disturbed nevertheless.

Have we, in building a LGBT community, narrowed our focus to include only the people we deem appropriate? As an Asian, I've experienced firsthand the many prejudices Asians have towards black people. Do you see where I am going? (or am I totally incoherent) As a group who historically has been excluded from society, sometimes we try so hard to form our own group that we exclude other people who are potential friends and allies.

Yes, many heterosexuals are bigots and unpleasant beings. I and probably all gblt people at some time have experienced that sting and fury. Most of all, Matthew. But why replace hate with hate? From our history as human beings, it accomplishes nothing except deeper chasms.

my $0.02.

On a lighter note, I came out to several friends and teachers this month. Whew! so much lighter! All are still friends, thank god, some even closer.

Merry Christmas! Let the holiday chaos begin.

Take care.



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