December 1998

Hi...nail polish anyone?

Hi everyone...this is my first column, so excuse the mess. I'm 14, vegetarian, atheist, and gay. I live in a conservative little town in Texas.

I *had* been having a really good school year, the first since I moved to Texas four years ago. That ended this week. For two weeks, I wore nail polish to school...red, purple, pink, black. I really enjoyed it, and, unlike everything else, there wasn't a rule against it at my school (and it's really almost mainstream now-my straight male friends even liked it, and my Spanish teacher gave me advice on colors).

A couple of days ago, a teacher thought I was violating the dress code. She was annoyed with me already for not tucking in what was really a sweater, but then she noticed that I was wearing nail polish too (clearly a sign of trouble). The teacher was so disgusted that I would even consider wearing nail polish to school that she walked me to the nurse's office (to make sure I actually went?) and called the principal over to talk to me.

She was so threatened by a boy wearing nail polish to school...I'm sure she was thinking, "Oh, god, he's a *fag* too!" So now, there's officially a rule at my school banning male students from wearing nail polish (though they refuse to put it in writing). I was so angry after having to take off the nail polish off, I was shaking for about a half hour.

At first, I didn't know why I was so upset about not being able to wear nail polish to school. After all, it is a pretty small thing. But it was the last form of expression I had at school...I can't say I'm gay, I certainly can't make a comment like: "Harrison Ford???? The sexiest man alive???? That's just bad taste!" I can't wear "satanic" symbols. Now I can't wear nail polish either.

Maybe I should not be so upset, but...well, I am. Email me at Osiris999@aol.com. I'd love to hear from you!


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