Kristen Foery

December 1998

Hello, beloved queers and queerettes.

It's been quite the month and a half...

Recently, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident. She and five boys were going to a Halloween parade -- she was driving -- and she ran off the road, into a tree. The guys were banged up really bad, they're all okay now, though. Danielle was a wonderful girl, one of the best runners in the state. What she loved, she loved well, and I'm proud to have known her.

I remember the day that I heard about Matt Shepard. He died not too long before Danielle did. I can't even begin to describe the emotions I felt... but then, I don't think I have to. I think all of us went through about the same thing.

What angered me most about both of them dying was the way they were treated. "Gay Wyoming Student." "Athlete". Like all the parts of their lives except those had been eradicated.

Death makes me pensive. Sometime in the course of the day, I remember the last time I saw Danielle. And I realize that some things do not matter. Things like if what I'm wearing doesn't match, or if I got an A on the last chem quiz, or if this person did that last weekend.

Priorities, gang. Live for what you love. Or, if you're lucky, who you love.

And for God's sake, be careful.


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