Andrew George

December 1998

Well, first I must apologize for my last article. You would be surprised at how many replies I got, all of which inquiring about how bored I am. My reply? Yes I was terribly bored, but hey, it's included in the whole boarding school experience. I guess I should give some form of structure to this, as to not hint at how bored I really am. First topic, hot media topics:

Matthew Shepard: One of the hottest topics in the media right now. Not much that I can tell you that you haven't already heard. One thing I did read was one of the funniest things about it(I know, how can anyone, gay or str8, find humor in hate crimes, they just suck). it read; "Martha Stewart caught in the midst of a Christian right anti-Matthew Shepard rally. Luckily she didn't join in. Evil bitch."

Paula Jones: Evil, evil, evil, and ugly as sin. How dare she say all that shit about Bill. Bill is one of the coolest presidents ever. And I want to kill the man who straightened her teeth!

Bill's impeachment: All I have to say about this one is that if he gets impeached I will march down to capital hill and raise hell, and I'm not even American!

Mayor Giuliani: Bastard! You can not turn New York into the suburbs. I love New York!

George Michael: I know, it happened a long time ago, but after watching George Michael TV on MTV I just have to comment. If someone tried to pick me up in a Beverly hills park bathroom, I would start to wonder.

Well, I'm running dry on things to write about, and I have to go get ready to go, back to school (blah), so I'll see ya later!

'Til next month,

Andrew George

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