December 1998

Hi. I'm Quintun, well, actually, that's my stagename. My real name is Neal (snee-snore). I live in the most boring state, or at least I think it is, Kentucky. I'm 13, and I'd say the only fag at my school. I'm pretty artistic, I guess. I'll get to say what I'm gunna say, and please reply and tell me what I should do:

There's this guy named Chris, whom I like very much. He's somewhat popular. And I rarely ever like popular guys. He's cute, and sweet. Anywho (yes, that's pronounced like "any" and "who"), last year he never talked to me, only at Academic Team practices and meets. I admired him from what medium social status. Time passed, and he never talked to me.

We both have band. He's in percussion, and in the back. I played the flute, and got front and center. So, that was the only time I really saw him. The school year ended, summer was gone, and school started again. We only have two classes this year, band and social studies. We don't have very many popular people in band, social studies.

So if in social studies we do choice group assignments, he chooses me to be his partner. I changed to oboe in band, but I'm still in front row. He's still in back. But our band folder slots are very close. Sometimes he pats me on the back, and occasionally, and "accidentally", his hand brushes up against my butt. Which I have no complaints of that happening. But anywho. I really like him. And he may be gay. And I want to tell him that I am, but I can't work myself up to tell him. Would someone please give me some advice?


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