December 1998

I have a question. Why is being gay such a taboo in today's society? I mean, I can understand people saying it's "unnatural", or it's a matter of basic plumbing, but we are just different, not wrong. Gay people are just like any other group of people who have been different throughout the ages. In the 60's, it was wrong to be black. In the 20's it was wrong to be Asian. I guess that in the 90's it's wrong to be gay. At least that's what the ignorant people think. I was reading the Time magazine article on Matthew Shepard and I came across some interesting statistics. 48% of Americans feel it is morally wrong for two consenting adults to have a homosexual relationship. And only 52% of Americans feel it is acceptable to be gay.

It is this type of attitude shown by today's society that makes many people afraid to come out of the closet. In fact, as I write this, my mom has come into my room three times, and I have to minimize this and pretend like I'm playing solitaire. It is pitiful and disgusting that I have to hide this secret from everyone, including my family. I wish I could come out, but I know my family and friends would disown me, or possibly even worse. But I pray every night that sometime soon, gay people will be able to be "equal" to everyone else. It took African Americans hundreds of years, and people still oppress them, so who knows how long it will take us. Anyway, on to something lighter.

I just watched four "gay themed" movies this weekend. First was Jeffrey, starring lots of famous people, whose names escape me right now. It is VERY GOOD. Then I watched one of my favorites, Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. It is hilarious. Next was In & Out, which was ok. And finally, one of my all time favorite movies, Object of My Affection. I highly recommend that you watch it, and all of these movies. They make for an entertaining weekend, especially when you have nothing better to do, such as myself.

E-Mail me! I enjoy talking to people who read this, and I write back to everyone. In fact, I still correspond with everyone who read my last article. So make me happy, and give me some suggestions for my next article. Till then, have fun! Oh, have a good Christmas! Don't get too wasted!


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