December 1998

Greetings Puny Mortal! I mean, Hi. As you have gathered, my name is Sonja and I'm a 17 year old high school senior at a small private high school in Vermont. This is my third article in Oasis...I was not able to write something new for last month's issue due to the fact that I for some reason thought of applying Early Decision as a GOOD idea. I had no idea how stressed out I could possibly be, and believe me, I found out! Now that my application is in the mail, I have a little more time to do important things like write.

For the past few days, I've been thinking about all the stuff that's happened recently, and what exactly I wanted to write my article on. Kara (name has been changed) and I broke up, but we're still friends, but that's really all I have to say about it. Short article! Then I thought about homecoming week and it became obvious.

In the tradition of spirit week, there are dress-up days this week. Yesterday was twin day. Well, there is a lesbian couple at our school now (a first!) and they dressed as twins, complete with matching rainbow stickers. There were many extra rainbow stickers passed out to the very small gay/bi community at our school as well as a few random people that just wanted them because they were really cute stickers.

My twin and I both wore our stickers on our left cheeks. No one asked me about it all day, I think since I'm very open at my school people just assumed I was wearing it because I'm bi. I don't have any classes with the girl who was my twin, but apparently people asked her about it. She replied "I'm not gay, but I support people who are."

I just think it's interesting how something that has never been an issue that people talk about is brought to people's attention by something as small as a rainbow sticker. And I think it's very cool that people like my best friend and my "twin" have enough guts to wear the rainbow sticker in support of the gay community.

It just made me feel good to know that the environment at my school has changed from last year where if someone had anything rainbow, they were shunned, and homosexuality wasn't an issue that people talked about and everyone was in the closet to this year where people are open and talk about things and you can wear a rainbow sticker if you want to. Funny how something little can make you realize how much things have changed! I hope things continue to get better...

Aren't you proud? I managed to write an entire article about a sticker.


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