December 1998

I guess I feel so lucky right now...I mean fortunate. I have just about all a person could want or need! I loved reading the responses so many of you gave to last month's column. The support I received from so many of you moved me more than you could know! It seems the issue of a single, gay man adopting a child is something many of us have had to think about. Many of you wrote just to give a few words of support, some even asked where THEY could find more information. Regardless, I am very appreciative of the response I received from you. Thank you. It was nice to find that so many people read my column. I guess I have something to add to this forum after all!

I have been a bit disappointed by people who used to read and respond to my column. People I thought of as friends who no longer respond. Where are you guys? I hope to hear from you again soon!

It's been almost two months since I met Adam. It's been fantastic! We talk online every night. If, for some reason, one of us can't meet...I feel like I am going through some type of withdrawal. We built a relationship on the foundation of friendship. (The best way to begin!) I feel so fortunate to have met him. We've spoken quite a bit about how fate played a part in our meeting. It's so easy to ask those "what if" questions...but you know what? If you believe in fate and destiny...you have to think that everything that will ever happen to you will happen regardless of the "what ifs." I was fated to meet this wonderful person. (and he me!) Whether you believe in fate/destiny or not...I just have to tell you that I am very happy now. Happier than I have been in a long time! So...Adam, if you are reading this...and I know you are...I just wanted to say thanks. I love you.

Uh...what else?....Work is the same. Seven hours of trying to make due with no classroom supplies, broken radiators and parents who think I am overpaid. (ha ha) I love my job. I really do. And despite the jokes I make about quitting and getting a job at Dairy Queen, I love going to work each day. I think the greatest contribution I make to the future is that I work very hard to create a generation of open minded and caring people. Kids seem to be more accepting of differences than they used to be. I am seeing it more and more each day. There may be hope after all!

I hope this column finds you all happy and healthy. Please write back if you get a chance. I have turned into an email junkie, so you can be assured of a response.

Final note: I feel like I am accepting an academy award...but I'd like to thank Adam (of course) for "being there" all the time. Michelle for tolerating my chemical imbalances. And Tim...(my "namesake")... it's nice to know I am not the only one in the Midwest who is gay! ha ha!


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