December 1998

Hello all my loyal Oasis readers. As you might expect, I, Tommy, am writing this article again. Before I actually get to the point of the article, "Thanks" goes out to all that E.M.ed me concerning the drastic measures that I mentioned in the last article.

Last month I turned fourteen, in fact I wrote this article on my birthday -- we had the day off and parents still had to work. But let me tell you about an experience that happened when I was still thirteen. Now, this isn't the one I mentioned from the beginning of my writing, instead it's one that recently happened -- on a weekend field trip.

I belong to a club at school (don't bother asking, you won't find out) and we had organized a sleepover fieldtrip to a local zoo. We arrived, had some pizza, set up our stuff, and then we went out to look at the animals. It was worth the money because it was great fun. But, when we returned, my friend and I started playing around with this boy, who we'll call Alan, by pillow fighting and stuff. We'll when we were done messing around, he suggested I come sleep near him, and switch with the boy who he was currently set up next to.

I thought he was cute so I had no objection to his decision. After a few more minutes of playing around, he fell asleep and I did too shortly after. At about 1:30 AM , I woke up to find that he was now laying against me -- he had his hand on my shoulder and his foot was touching my ankle. I hate to sound sex-driven, but I took advantage of this situation and slowly started moving my right hand up and down his left leg. All of the sudden, he wakes up, catching me totally off-guard. He says something -- I think he said "It wasn't a mistake" -- and then looks at me -- pretending to be asleep -- and takes my hand and puts it on his crotch! I immediately stopped pretending, looked at his face, and then started fondling his balls. I slowly moved up his 'cough, cough' , but I didn't masturbate him. He just lied back down with that smile, and once again fell asleep.

Needless to say, I was totally stunned, so -- for some reason -- I took away my hand and fell asleep again -- 25 minutes after the incident. But wait, it's not over yet. Frequently throughout the morning hours, I awoke to his hand and I fondled him elsewhere. I won't go into detail (sorry) but fondling is as far as we went. The next morning, he acted as if nothing had happened -- until we did the morning tour. I sat next to him inside the trailer where they were keeping some homeless animals, when the guide asked him to move over some, so he could get through the door. Now he had a choice of direction, but instead of using them, he scooted over to me, and pressed his knee against mine and smiled. Even when the guide got through and came back, he didn't move. So, by now, I'm just the slightest bit confused. When the tour was over and we were to get ready to leave, he stopped me and asked me if he could take my picture. Of course he could, so we walked all the way back to the parking lot, while I think he took a couple more shots of me, to use up his film.

As of now, I've only seen him once again at school and he smiled at me again then too. I love it, but I still am not sure -- I know a lot of you are saying, well if he used your hand, or something, but he sometimes act like nothing happened. If you like, you can write me and tell me any interesting stories that seem a little like this, and I'll try to help you out with figuring out your confusing person.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas, or whatever,


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