Letter from the Editor -- December 1998

Three years. This issues marks three years of my life doing Oasis. It's hard to believe. I was hoping to have the new redesign done in time for the anniversary, but that isn't going to happen. The third incarnation of Oasis will mark a departure for us, though. It will be less of a statuc magazine and more of an interactive site for queer youth to bond as a community.

It will bring about some much-neded improvements to the site (such as the writers directory links actually going somewhere for a change). It will also see the move of Oasis going from being a monthly, static site to a daily, dynamic site. We'll have chat, messageboards and Oasis staff members will finally get to set up e-mail accounts at oasismag.com.

The new site will also put more youth in the driver's seats of the site, and I will retreat into the wings a bit more. I think the more youth pulling their free time to create a youth site will bring a wealth of new ideas and attitudes to Oasis.

The new site will also try and curb Oasis from being a transitionary Web site, whereby readers come here when they are first dealing with being gay and once they're comfortable with themselves they stop reading.

But for some perspective, when Oasis started:

My how times can change. Now, let's see how much Oasis can change before we hit our five-year mark.



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