By Joshua S.

the muddy waters wash away my facade
to them i am just a fraud
your plastic perfections dissolve in my intricacy
realizing who i am
means that you will have to understand
that i don't know what the alternative is
but i can find the direct current
the line that turns me on
this carnal attraction
though it may unease you
my fornication is for two

i commit myself to you
though you may not know what i construe
my reasons may not be lucid
but the sky is cloudless
and the rains can't end this ugliness
you may regard this as a repugnant attraction
but my vision is here to stay

when i breathe into her
i feel her light
this probing metaphysical delight
i can't get away from this grave
but i continue to crave
her smile, her love, her bite
enthrall our fuck tonight

enslave this burning inferno
make my body your pyre
your cunning is like your mane
my revolt has been slain
you have captured my emotions
and entangled my appetite
i lay you down on these sands
with ropes around your hands
and then i speak of these secrets
these undying truths
i fear your answers
as if you were manson
will you wish for my demise
will i see hate in your eyes

there he is basking in my grief
sometimes this is my relief
just thinking that he likes me
his thoughts are all about me
but then he laughs in my face
and this is always the case
but when i reach this simple connection
these electric rhythms will augment his pulse
and he won't question my actions
he will be one of my slaves
for it doesn't matter what sex you are
i am your master
and you may reject this
but this is my happiness

to the death of prejudice
and the birth of understanding
because i am just like you
and no better
we all have faults
and they may be eccentric
but we are no different
through our currents of communication
can we find peace
for if you can't accept me
then lose me forever

©1998 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.