Becoming A Man: Half a Life Story

By Paul Monette

This is the first book of Monette's three-part autobiography. It is a National Book Award Winner for nonfiction, and deservedly so. Monette traces his turbulent coming-out process from beginning to end in this well-written novel. Although blunt at times, the biting sarcasm and wit with which Monette recounts his early years make the book very enjoyable to read. I would also encourage anyone to explore Monette's other writings. Especially Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir, which also won much literary acclaim and traces the days of his partner's battle with AIDS. Other than his autobiographies, Monette has published numerous works of fiction and poetry, as well as a few plays -- almost all of which have strong queer themes.

-- Reviewed by Heather Rottenberg, hlr2@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu

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