"It's My Party"

Basically, a guy with AIDS finds out he's coming to the last few days of his life as he knows it and decides to commit suicide rather than to die slowly of a degenerative AIDS-related disease. He throws a party to say goodbye to all of his friends and family, determined to end his life with joy rather than the sorrow of a funeral. If you can get past the initial tear-jerking issues of death and AIDS, this movie addresses numerous queer issues. As the hours left in his life tick away, he is forced to resolve issues with his family and his ex-lover. This movie is a must-see for *anyone*-- g,l,b,t, or otherwise. And it's available in almost any video store, including Blockbuster.

Reviewed by Heather Rottenberg, hlr2@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu


"You Are Not Alone"

First of all, if you like watching love stories about young gay people, then this is by far one of the best movies to see.

Basically, it's a love story of two boys. Bo is 15, and Kim is 13. They both go to a Dutch boys school, and fall in love as the movie progresses. At first they are good friends; but their love gets started with a shower scene - the two boys are alone, and Kim asks Bo to wash his back. It kinda goes from there. There are a few twists in the plot, which makes for good entertainment. It really stresses that true love can exist between two boys, and it also has a surprise ending. That's about it... oh, and I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, it's in Dutch, but it has English subtitles. And the other bad thing is that most movie stores (like Blockbuster) don't rent it. But it can easily be found over the net for about $30.00. Just type in the title at a search engine and plenty of pages will show up to order it from. It's definitely worth it. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Ben, muddybuddy81@yahoo.com

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