January 1999

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I can finally get my driver's license, albeit a novice one (new laws in my province) this month!


If I could write expletives, the rest of my column will be just that because right now, I cannot access Oasis through my computer, as the result of a program called Cyber Patrol 4.0. Nor other GLBT sites, four-letter words, the g--, q----, and homosex--- words, anything that is not considered "family orientated."

A desperate plea from Vancouver: if anyone knows how to get around this fu-king program, please email me (eoan@hotmail.com) My computer had an earlier version of Cyber Patrol that I could deputy bypass w/out the password and therefore, avoid all restrictions. That's gone in the newest version. I can use the computers in the library, but this is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

The least bullshi- way of handling this is to just come ou- (out can't be beside come!!!) to my parents, or at least my mother. Thinking, stopping, rethinking, coward. ??????????

Enough about me.

Have a Happy New Year!

Take care,



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