January 1999

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Well boys (and the occasional girl) who deign to read my poorly written prose, welcome to an whole new year of AJ's columns. Jeeze, one more year 'til the new millennium. That's sort of scary.... Okay, maybe not...


The idea that the year 2000 really means something is sort of ridiculous. After all human beings have been on Earth for thousands of years already. The idea that 2000 years after the birth of Jesus is a significant date may possibly be meaningful if you are Christian...something I am definitely not. But even holding to the Christian belief that the Christ was born 2000 years ago, it's still pretty meaningless. We know that in reality, because of the fact that a year is 365.25 days (which is why we have a leap year), Jesus was born around 4 B.C. So the millennium was technically 1996. I guess that didn't hit anybody at the time, which is just as well. Dates are a human imposition on reality, so while dramatic life altering MAY occur on a special day, the likelihood is 1 in 365. So don't expect the world to come to a crashing end at midnight on January 1st, 2000.

Arghhh, yet another pseudonym....

Well here I go again. This is a cute story so sit back, relax and get some popcorn. I finished my last exam on Tuesday the fifteenth of December. Instead of starting on my two papers due on Thursday and Friday respectively, I decided to fool around online. I get IMed (AOL message for the non-AOLers out there) by this guy...lets call him...screw it, I can't think of a good one, so its gonna be Brett. We chat for a little while, and I recognize him as my first boyfriend's (Hazel) most recent boyfriend. He wanted to get together for coffee or something, and since I was flying back to Houston in a couple of days, I suggested getting together the next day. It was actually going to be an entirely innocent meeting on both our parts, neither of us had any sort of sexual agenda.

He arrived about fifteen minutes early, dressed in a suit and tie (he had just come from work), as I was finishing up the first of my papers. I was initially at a loss for words, because while his picture was cute in a high-school-senior-picture way, Brett in person was gorgeous. I remember the first thing I thought was, "Damn all the good ones are always taken." As it played out that wasn't entirely the case. Well he had parked illegally and had come in to check to make sure I was still around, so as he moved his car I cleaned up my work area. Since I had had all of a Rice Krispy Treat and about 5 cups of Chamomille+Peppermint (great mix if you are sick...which I was) Tea that entire day, I was moderately hungry. My plan was to head across the street to Joy's (minor plug, they let me use the phone so they deserve it). He wasn't real happy being in his work clothes (I didn't mind him changing, I looked underdressed, heck I was working on a paper so I'd left my suit at home), so we went back to his place to let him change. We initially planned on Japanese food (hai, watashi no nihongono wa hidoii des.) since I'm a Japophile, but we started talking about India and changed our minds mid-drive to head to Devon street.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago, Devon is the center of Indian, Pakistani, and general Arab markets. It also happened to be the day that Slick Willy bombed Iraq (something I didn't find out until later that evening). Since we are both vegetarian, Indian food is a great choice. Unlike American food, which isn't very creative, Indian food has a million different ways of cooking vegetarian food. So, its sort of hard to get bored being vegetarian, something that's REAL easy to do with American food, where you end up trying to figure out ways of making meat dishes with vegetables. I mean HELLO "vegiburgers," its a vain attempt on the part of American vegetarians to make a non-veg dish veg. Its sort of ludicrous. Anyway, I'm not quite an angry vegetarian...YET. As we walked out of the restaurant, we both got this strange craving for chai (Indian chai is a spiced tea cooked with milk), we stopped by various stores to get the necessary materials. We had really clicked, and the chai looked like a great nightcap before heading home to pack.

Well we got to his place, and drank chai while watching "A League of Their Own (GREAT MOVIE)." He started to schooch next to me, then put his hand on my leg. At this point we had sort of established that he and my ex were not going out anymore, after all not having spoken in 2 months is enough for me. But at the same time, I didn't have any agenda with him whatsoever. I was attracted to him, no question, but I mean it was weird. Besides, I wasn't sure what he wanted out of it. I was leaving in a few hours for a while, and I didn't honestly want to be a quick lay that was going to be out of his hair for a while. Which even as I type it, I wasn't really concerned about, I know he's not that type. Then too, I wasn't really sure I wanted to be bound to somebody while I was in Houston.

Well most of those thoughts were being processed while I was making out with him, and gradually I sort of figured things out. HE LIKED ME! I guess I didn't expect him to. Sure, I wanted to impress him, but I wasn't trying really that hard. I liked him a lot, and its been a while since somebody mirrored my emotions. Neither of us got very much sleep that night, and we were boyfriends (officially 3:05 [ish] AM December 17th, 1998). He drove me to my place to pack, and then to the airport for my 7:30 flight (which I just caught). I'm writing this on the 28th, and I miss him a lot (I'm way too attached to this guy), but hey, its only a week (read: FEELS LIKE ETERNITY) before I get to see him.


Well I'm debating on whether or not to make this an optimistic article. I guess I will. I'm not going to talk about a lot of the more crappy things my parents and friends have been up to...but I'll touch on them. Pretender is being a bitch, apparently he's convinced I cheated on him (when or with whom I don't know...), and won't accuse me to my face or even speak to me. Can anybody say immature proto-queen? Yeah, agreed. My parents are being very sweet to my face, while hiding a very very sharp dagger that comes out in private lectures to my brother about catching AIDS from me, and being asked to go straight as the best Christmas present I could give. Apart from that, there's more drama than ever in the air, and I am glad I get to see everybody. So far I've seen everybody I wanted to see during my stay in Houston. Alison has been great, and spending time with her has significantly lowered my blood pressure. AND, she's put up with my mooning over Brett. Ranger is great, and I got to see a lot of him too. But, with him there's a lot of awkwardness. I really feel strongly for him, but timing is 90 percent of the equation, and it's all wrong. I'm being pretty ruthless in quelling my desire to call him and go hang out for long conversations, after all it verges on infidelity. While perhaps it was unwise to launch into a relationship with Brett quite as quickly as I did...I have a really good feeling about him, and I think its worth some (okay a LOT of it) short term control in order to give this an honest shot. Okay, this was supposed to be the optimistic version...I'm happy that I got to see all my friends. And I have been kept too thoroughly busy just catching up with people to really miss Brett as much as I could...which is a really good thing considering how much I miss him regardless.

General Stuff:

I'm of the opinion that my articles are too diary/self-centered. I can't really write about people who write me. So, how about if we do this, if you have a question or a comment that you want me to write about, e-mail it to me at soulseer@cyberdude.com, and I'll get back to you. I'm pretty good about e-mail now that I'm back in school. Anyway, my last week and a half has been considerably better than the vast majority of the past 4 months, and I hope that everybody else has been doing well too. (BTW, I know my articles can be confusing sometimes, so I recommend that you read my back columns, which will make things considerably more understandable). God bless, hope you had a merry Christmas and a great New Year's (preferably with large amounts of alcohol and [a] good sleeping companion(s). Hopefully we'll be getting a new dog soon, so I'll have mine...gosh, you weren't thinking I meant THAT! Jeeze...what do you take me for?! Oh...wait...yeah...anyway...e-mail me @ soulseer@cyberdude.com or IM me @ soulseer or uchcgo19 (both on AOL, please don't e-mail these accounts, I tend to press and hold the delete button cause of all the junk mail). Its late, and I'm off to bed: nightnight.

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