January 1999

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!! This is my first time writing, and only I'm doing so because my friend's insisting upon it. I guess first you'd like to know a little about me...I'm a fourteen and a freshwoman in high school in Indiana. I play jv basketball, and went to nationals for discus. I guess this pretty much leads into the topic of this month's article.

One of the biggest things that is keeping me from being out is basketball and track. I feel like I should be a good influence on the little kids that look up to me, and people around here's parents would not too much like a lesbian for a role model for their daughter. Yes, I know. I hate to think this way. It really depresses me. I mean it's a little hypocritical I know, but...well I don't know. It's not something I'm ready to handle right now.

Another thing about that is the big dyke stereotype pegged on all womyn athletes. I think I'd feel bad because most chic athletes loathe this stereotype, and in my own little head I'd be adding to the stereotype. Probably irrational, but still it makes sense in my own little head. I can't really explain it, but the september-october issue of Ms. magazine has this really great article that just took the words from my mouth.

I guess that's all I really wanted to talk about for now. I guess I'm gonna go off and go to bed, cause I've got a far off game early in the a.m. manana.

Until then, I shall be dreaming of *her*, who I still barely have the guts to talk to, much less ask her out. All in time I suppose.

Fare thee well,


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