January 1999

Hi everyone.........wow, that was a fast month! And so little happened....almost done with school for the year though...

Thanks to everyone who wrote, I really appreciate it!

Okay, now that that's over with......what to write about? The problem is that I really have no life here. But, I *am* in a good mood right at the moment. In English we're reading Romeo and Juliet and everyone got to choose a speech to present for the class. So, as you've probably already guessed, being the class queen, I chose Juliet -- the balcony scene ("Dost thou love me?"). And, of course, the speech wouldn't have been complete without a dress, a bonnet, and full make-up, right? It was a lot of fun--especially the bonnet--and another guy, we'll call him Matt, did Romeo's speech that came right before mine...so we gestured at each other during our little declarations of love....which reminds me--teenage girls are sooo much more mature than teenage guys.

I know, everyone knows that already, but wearing a dress at school really makes that evident. While the guys call "draaaag queen" or "faggot"--always with other people, and never to my face--the girls say "Oh, I like how he did his lipstick" or "That's a pretty dress!" or something like that. That is, of course, a generalization. There were boys who liked the dress and girls who didn't, but isn't it amazing how much more immature teenage boys are, on the whole? Just a thought....

One more thing before I go. I know, the fag jokes get to everyone sometimes, but I have one little story in particular...ohhh, it just makes me so angry. We have a journal entry every day in English, and the question one day was "What is your definition of prejudice? Do you think you are prejudiced?" Far better than most of our subjects (things like "What would you see sitting on top of the teacher's file cabinet?")--something that might actually make people think. But anyway, this one guy said "Yeah, I'm prejudiced, I'm prejudiced against faggots." Then he leaned forward and asked me "How do you spell faggot?" Grrrrrr...well, actually, it's kinda funny in a way--not only is he homophobic, he's stupid too--and he asked me, of all the people in the class, how to spell it. But, I dunno.....I guess it still amazes me how people can say such blatantly hateful, offensive things in just about any setting--as long as it's about queers.

Weeellll......that's it, for this month, nothing else happening here......so EMAIL ME! That sounded desperate.....but let me know what ya think at Osiris999@aol.com.

David, 14, is a vegetarian, atheist, gay freshman in Texas.

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