Ben Hostmark

January 1999

I'm starting a gay/straight alliance at school. It was David's idea, really. He wrote to the school newspaper saying that they didn't cover enough issues relating to gay youth, and I read his letter, started talking to him, suggested the alliance idea. He told me that he was planning to start one already; I could very well help him get it started.

Then David goes weird and silent on me. When I finally talk to him again, he had decided that I'm doing the entire alliance thing, and to let him know how it goes.

This was today. And for the past two hours, I thought about what exactly this gay/straight alliance thing should do. But there's a catch.

I'm all ready to go off and play this gay rights activist role, yet I'm really not sure what gay people at my school want. One of the arguably most open gay/bi people at school, and I don't have gay friends; I don't know what other people, at my school, are going through.

Most of the guys I've dated are at least ten years older than me, and my Valerio, my love, lives in California and lived most of his life in Italy.

I've never been harassed about the fact that I can go for either guys, or girls. All I've ever received was support. Then I realized it. This whole gay rights thing isn't about being able to serve in the military or keep some bars open. The whole thing is about support, and love.

It doesn't matter if someone is 15 year old bisexual female in Orlando, Florida or a grown-up undefined str8 guy who makes his home in Toronto. In the end everyone is just looking for love, and if that point can be understood, an alliance is easy.


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