January 1999

Peter-Shane, 21-years old deaf Northern Irish wanderlust, studying Humanities at Kingsway College, North London in the UK.

People still amaze me - they expand in time and space yet their magic still remains.

Even if they have their own faults and mistakes.

When I was down in London for another term, I was depressed to some extent that I have thought I have lost the magic in people - and then somehow when I got away from people, I realized that they were just crowding my mind with 10000 things to do.

No wonder why I haven't got much time for myself - it's nice to be part of everyone's lives...but at the same time, it would be difficult if it get too much for me - I get involved in 3 proper committees - National Deaf Children Society's Young People's Council, Camden Deaf People's Group, Federation of Deaf People's London Committee - and yet I'm trying to set up several other projects/organizations i.e. Central London Deaf Society, Deaf Gaels, Biscuits, National Deaf Youth Association so on...am I asking for too much helping?

Or do I deserve a telling off just like Oliver Twist, the adorable Charles Dickens character?

When I get in touch with everyone, I get pleasure hearing good news from them, I get distressed when I hear bad things and then this Christmas it was very wonderful, having seen that I got several cards from very old friends and very new friends, at home, and abroad.

So much have happened in the past year - so many good things have happened - so many bad things have happened.

I have encountered people, new and old, and learned about their stories, their lives and how they struggle.

There are times when my feelings were shattered and that I feel as if I can't continue on living but with my family just a phone call away, my friends around and so much to do, I can't stop and waste time like anyone. I have so much to live, I have so much to achieve, so many new people to meet (and meet again!)

All I can say is that life's a real bitch! to every gay young person in the whole wide world, keep up with yourself, be happy and be at peace with yourself!

Loads of love


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