January 1999

Happy New Year!

For those of you who are wondering what is going on with the adoption plans......I seem to be almost there! I just have to wait for the Ukrainian government to process all of my papers and we should be all set! I keep going through all of my paperwork to make sure everything is in order. It gets a bit nerve wracking wondering if everything is done the way it should be done! I'll let you know more as it develops!

The holidays have chronically been difficult for me. I have lots of "weird" feeling of loss and regret which seem to center around this time of year. And no matter what I do to try to prepare myself for the inevitable sadness I usually encounter at this time of year, I always seem to have to cope with some type of disappointment....

....until this year. For those of you who read my column quite regularly, everything with Adam is moving along wonderfully! I am heading out East to see him right before New Year's and I am so excited I can barely contain my joy! What a blessing he is to me!! I thank God everyday for allowing us to enter each other's lives. We still talk every night....no matter if it is late or a busy day. In each other, we have found someone who can help us through the tough times and who can share the great times. (As you can tell....I have it bad!) If there were mountains anywhere near here...I would go to the top of the tallest one and announce my happiness and love!

Thanks for writing and sharing your opinions and advice last month. I really look forward to hearing from you! So, until next month...Happy New Year! May your 1999 be the best year yet!


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