Letter from the Editor -- January 1999

Happy New Year...

I wasn't quite sure this issue would exist. It's always difficult putting this January issue together, because I do it from my parents' home in Pennsylvania during the holidays. And this year, when I unpacked my bags, the tape recorder with both the cover story and profile interviews on them wasn't there. It's just probably sitting on my bed at home, but I was concerned about getting another cover and profile lined up in time. Alex, who is this month's profile, agreed to be re-interviewed, and the cover story I planned to pursue for February, Andrew Tobias, was thankfully able to bounce a few e-mails back and forth during the hectic holiday season.

The holidays used to be so dramatic, both when I was in the closet and when I was out and my mother wasn't ready for anyone else to know about me being gay. Now, it's all good. My christmas cards contained a reference to dating guys and very little emphasis was placed on me being gay during the holiday visits. It's just "there," discussed, and bounced off of like just another topic.

Got to see a lot of friends during my visit, but I am already looking forward to returning to San Francisco. Wilkes-Barre's just a little too slow for me, although without it, I doubt I would even have the dent in the new Tom Wolfe opus that I do now.

The new Oasis will be moving forward soon (a few things already work on my hard drive), and things will be much different here. Soon... I just wish I had more free time so this stuff would already be happening...



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