A Break In The Ice

By Adam D. Belveal

Coming home. We spend our entire life living in a dialogue certainly more dramatic and compelling than yesterdays journey, only to meet our reflection at the end of the day and say, "I'm coming home."

I'm coming home to myself, not an image of what strangers have labeled me. Certainly not the shadowy reflection of fear and doubt, no those are all behind me know. I am coming home to warmth and love, seconded only by that unconditional smile from my Labrador. The warmth of my heart that has learned to generate a luminescent flare that no longer dissipates into thin air.

I thank each and every one of you that gave me the chance to open my heart and take a stance. The surface seemed so cold and out of touch, no doubt from the shadows that I clutched. It took the strength of all my friends to surpass this bitter end. You see I never thought I could have the strength to go all the way and share with the world I love being gay.

My only wish as I sleep tonight is that we all could end the fight over who's right. If you're young or old and uncertain what the future holds. You need not tell anyone your bi, straight or gay, simply love whoever comes your way. So, if your scared and feeling all alone look behind you and their sure to find you. The wondering eyes of our generation, one in ten is there to support 'you' my friend.

Adam Belveal


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