Two poems by Sandra


I'm not here anymore...
forget I ever existed,
ever breathed,
ever sang,
ever whistled the tune of your name.

That I ever wanted,
touched from far that place,
above you.

Erase me,
un do me,
un : hear, know and bless me.

Excuse me while I unfurl these
strings that twine me together.
Don't forgive me for being this angry...
oh it just seems I am all of the time...
please keep hating me...
keep pushing me... keep tearing me in silence.

To bits,
to pieces - to hell with who I am,
be done and un-me.

9.21.97 sandra


Profession of Poverty

For all I've lost
in space
in time.

and still these mean nothing to all
all i ever wanted.
enough to make a grown
child wail.

Still i love to see the day
when all i ever wanted
ever came to be.

i try to find the poor smile
that used to keep me looking
so wealthy
and all you do on your behalf
is reward yourself for
all ive managed to keep well.

do i see, do i see, do i see.


11.1.98 sandra


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