By Charlene Nelson

An unethical, fairytale beauty. Nature's gift. Once brave, once tough, once the only one to slip a smile. What soon became a veil. The brave beauty was truly scared. The strong spirited soul now diminished. The hand once so soft to touch, now cold and stiff.

Now, a single tear fell as her casket was placed, that of her own. For, in her own despair and self wrath, she'd forgotten of those who loved her. Because she was so caught up her her own petty difficulties, she paid no regard to what her pain did to others. Slowly, her body went numb. Her soul casually emaciated into the empty, colorless, desolate and cold nothingness that remains.

But a broken soul looks on in the distance. Still no tear falls. Her own body seemed to sink too, as her love's meaningless remains were planted in a shallow, man-made, soon-forgotten ceremonial ditch.

Sometimes, another's pain can drive us all away. Some people can't handle watching someone that they love slowly fade away as they helplessly gaze on. No matter how much love and effort is given, some people are past the point of help.

But the young womyn stood by her love no matter what she was pulled through or pushed into. Because the girl, in the ground, was too much a part of her that she knew that in the tranquility of her own soft heart, the brave girl would always live on.

As a child, dreams of fast cars, ocean walks and firelight talks were shattered by family battles. Her dreams soon forgotten. Once so tough, once so brave and once so strong. Soon twisted into a scared and almost superficial child. Though she appeared the same; her withheld pain took ahold of her heart, yielding her dreams, shortening her breath and stealing her life.

Once so tough, she didn't care what people thought. She would wear her style and boast to the world "I am what I am, I do what I please, say what I wish and wear what I want to!"

The young womyn, still emotionless, remained for the "ceremony." She stood alone and finished the eulogy. "but," she said as a tear formed in her soft pale blue eyes, "but if she was so tough, why didn't she boast to the world 'and I'll love who I choose to.'"

and a single tear fell

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