February 1999

Hello and thanks again for coming to read my article for the month. I really appreciate all of you that read every month and respond. I have met some really great people through this magazine and I thank you all for writing, and for keeping in touch. And for those of you who haven't read my articles before, you're in for a surprise and I hope you enjoy!

Well, in terms of updating... for all of you readers who follow up on my life. Counseling seems to be getting more and more into the root of the problems in my life. My counselor tells me that I'm having problems grasping and embracing myself for who and I am and think that I have a strike against for being gay. You know, I never even thought that this could be true... in fact, when I read it looks ridiculous, but I think it is true. She told me I need to talk with successful gays and lesbians so I will see that even though I am "different" then most people, I have just as much a chance of being successful as anyone else. So... If anyone who fits that bill is reading... Drop me an e-mail!

And despite all the warnings all my penpals have sent me... my counselor still thinks it best for me to use anti-depressants for at least a temporary amount of time. I got responses of both kinds in this matter... and I thank each and every one of you for your opinions, but I guess it looks to me, that if they'll help me get out of my "rut" then I'm willing to give them a shot! If any of you have comments.. my e-mail is at the bottom.

Well, here comes the best news of all. Remember what I wrote about last month, and I said I would be spending New Years with my boyfriend? Well, everything worked out and it was perfect! Talk about memories you won't ever forget. He was everything I wrote about and more and I'm so very glad that we got to spend New Years together... it was like starting our new year together and I don't think I'll be able to forget a moment of what happened those 5 days. And even though he got delayed a day because of the terrible weather, I know that he's really really glad he came too. It's nice to think that I am actually happy about some aspects of my life... can't say I have ever felt that way before. And gosh, it's a good feeling! Thanks to everyone for wishing me so much luck and happiness in the matter and many thanks and much love and devotion to the man which came and stayed with me. I shall never forget it, cherished memories and a heart filled with happiness. I love you so much... Thanks for being just as wonderful as you are... Your everything I could ever ask for in a boyfriend! (That last part was an emotional outpouring to my special someone... Sorry about that... lol)

Well, seeing as how I have always asked some kind of question each month... I'm going to ask a thinking question this month, which I will comment on next month... I'd love to hear your response. And the question is:

If you had to lose one sense, either your hearing or your sight, which would you rather lose? And why?

That seemed like a tacky game show setup, but I'd love to hear about what you thinking in the matter. My e-mail is at the bottom, drop me a note!

Thanks again to all my devoted readers who write back to me and keep in touch. Don't forget to keep doing so... or else! heheheh

Happy Valentine's Day to you all... may it be a sweet day filled with love and warm feelings.

Until next time... this is Christian.. signing off. E-mail me at Chrstian23@aol.com if you have questions, comments or a response to my question.

Thanks for reading!

With Much Love,


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