Raven D'Satyr

February 1999

Hi, my name is Raven D'Satyr I am 21 and live in Columbus, Ohio. And after all this time I have finally gotten my life together. It wasn't easy however. I used to be quite naive.

My first "Boyfriend" set me up for bank fraud when I was 19. I didn't even know what love was then. How could I have, I spent 17 years cowering in the closet, instead of going out and meeting people. It took me three jobs to pay off the damage he caused me. And I am still can't get a bank account to this day.

My parents threw me out on the day after Xmas 1996. Luckily I had two paychecks stashed away. I had an apartment on the 29th. My new home was tolerable until I found out that the guy in the apartment next door had a hit out on his head by his rival gang who had planned a drive by. No matter where I put my bed, my head was always near a window. I slept in the closet (which was lined with brick) for three weeks. My co-worker Mark asked me why neck was giving me trouble. I told him about sleeping in the closet. He made a coming out of the closet joke and drove me home. He came in and checked the place out. He told me to pack a bag and that I would stay at his place until I could get a new apartment.

Three more weeks passed and I soon met Gary, we got a house together and things went great for a while. Then we had an irreparable argument and I moved in with an old friend who introduced me to Bill. I fell for Bill and soon found myself supporting us both. That came to an end when he beat me, tried to kill me, and stole everything I owned.

I then moved from Canton, Ohio to Akron, Ohio. I made friends with a bartender named Mark who gave me a place to sleep until I had my own place. My new apartment was small and cheap but clean and I had great neighbors. Akron was great until the night I got drunk and was gang raped on my way home, (As a child I was raped by my father, and once as a teen by a man with a gun). I got very depressed about the accumulation of misfortune and turned to drugs. I eventually lost my job and turned to prostitution. It came to an end when I met Harry. We got a house together and it lasted for six months until I caught him in bed with my best friend since seventh grade. I tried to regain respect for him but couldn't. So I ran off to Columbus.

Here is where I realized what I was doing to myself and got my act together. It happened when I ran into a disgusting bum missing most of his teeth. He was gay and was trying to get together with me. I tried to be polite, and turned it into conversation. He told me his life story (which I pretty much ignored) and then he told me his name was Raven. That was my name as well. This really shook me up and I realized that this is what I was heading for.

Now I have a wonderful boyfriend, a 15 room home, and a great job, also I am acting, writing plays and counseling gay pagans, and gay youth in Columbus Ohio.

The moral of this story is had I:

I would have been where I am now, a lot sooner.!!! I wish I had access to Oasis when I was growing up!!


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