Kristen Foery

February 1999

For my avid fan base (waves to Dana) I apologize for not writing a January column.

As I write this in January, I have just returned from the London parade festival. My band marched in the New Year's Parade. Our sound bounced off of Big Ben. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. (And if there were any Family members at the festival- I was the one at the new year's party alternating between the card games and frantic scribbling in a book. Curly haired, wearing a brown silk shirt.)

London at large was absolutely wonderful. I loved it. (Although I couldn't tell if the men there were gay or simply regular British people.) But there were several bad things about the trip, one of which I will rant about.

You see, apparently I am now a huge slut. Despite the fact that I've been in a monogamous relationship with Dana for over a year, I have been romantically linked with virtually all of my female friends.

I roomed with two other girls in London. The bed situation was highly questioned. When we first got into the room, we didn't realize that there was one bed under the cot, and they decided that I would be the one to sleep alone before I even walked in. I understand their reasons, and I would have suggested it myself. But the act of it hurt.

I would just love for someone to explain to me why it is that when I, the girl who has been engaged for quite some time, am thrown into a room with two ardent and fairly conservative heterosexuals, something sexual is assumed to happen?

I am now forming the hypothesis that hatemongers have way too much free time.

And now onto my next rant.

One of my friends came out to me as bisexual. I invited her to join the GSA at my school. She told me, "No, Kristen, I'm not ready to deal with that sort of thing." That sort of thing being: coming out, telling her friends, making an attempt to be some part of the queer community. She'd rather stay quiet and not deal with it.

This kind of thinking is not healthy.

And if you don't know why, spend more time thinking about it.

Come out, come out, wherever you are...

This has been brain candy.

Kristen Foery

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