February 1999


O LORD, of Thy heavenly bounties deprive me not.

(oh god it's so wonderful you are so beautiful)

O LORD, deliver me from the eternal torments.

(no never mind that i'm yours i'm yours i'm yours forget that no)

O LORD, forgive me if I have sinned in my mind or my thought, whether in word or deed.

(jesus fucking christ i want you so bad i want you inside of me please be inside of me fucking christ i need you inside of me)

O LORD, give me patience, magnanimity, and meekness.

(yes now i want it now i won't have it any other way but now i want it now yes now yes)

O LORD, give me humility.

(yes give it to me slave now yes yes)

O LORD, forsake me not.

(yes stay there for a moment just there yes stay now just stay oh god yes)

O LORD, give me chastity.

(fuck me now baby fuck me so hard i need you i need it now)

O LORD, deliver me from every temptation.

(god yes i want it i want it all all of it i want it yes all yes it all)

O LORD, give me obedience.

(no i'm sorry i'm so sorry i'll do whatever you want i just need you i'll be your slave slave yes now sorry yes slave me yes now)

O LORD, vouchsafe that I may love Thee from all my soul and mind and in everything do Thy will.

(yes fuck yes i love yes love yes you god love fuck yes god love)

O LORD, forsake me not.

(yes now it's happening it's yes now happening all at once yes yes now happening now yes oh god yes god god)

O LORD, forsake me not.

(yes i love you oh god yes oh yes yes now i i i now yes me you yes now yes god yes now now)


(god you are beautiful yes beautiful wonderful yes oh god)


(yes beautiful yes god yes)




the correct answer was no

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