February 1999

February is known for dirty snow. I mean, VD day. I mean, Valentine's day. Writing about love would be trite and, to some degree, cruel. Here at Oasis, the focus seems to be on the futility of having to find that special someone in a world that doesn't want you checking out the gender you like.

Normally, Oasisers sit at the sidelines because all the hets seem to have it so easy. So rather than pull a "love is..." I thought I'd go with a depressing story of my own... but with a twist.

When Varsity Blues came out, my best friend (now Allison) and her girlfriend (hereafter Linda) went to see it with me.

On the way home, Allison drove, Linda sat in the passenger seat and I was in back. The music was too loud on the drive home to talk so we just sat.

Every couple of minutes, Allison glanced fondly at Linda. When Linda noticed, she'd grin back. Sometimes Allison would lean over and whisper something and Linda would giggle. Linda would land a kiss on Allison's cheek and Allison would laugh.

I just sat in back and watched all of this... and began to cry my eyes out.

I cried because I'm want to be happy.

I cried because I want a guy to look at me with that glance.

I cried large silent tears all the way home.


Oasis Bunny Profile. Name- Julie. Age- 19. Orientation- Straight. Occupation- college sophomore, editorial clerk and babysitter. Julie will be spending Valentine's Day with her main man who is 25... months old.

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