February 1999

After my last, sloppily done article which fell far below my standards of quality and had little or no meaning except for the love story airiness one could find in a stereotypical blonde, I figured I owed you, the gay youth seeking opinion and wishing to look through the eyes of someone else like them, something special.

Of course, I just got back from seeing You've Got Mail.. so now I'm feeling very poetic in my writing. What better time to write an article? We, a group of people who do not choose to be different.. but should learn to accept it.. are constantly judged. Our feelings are constantly hurt by the indirect and sometimes direct, physically painless and sometimes physically painful, and always mentally painful insults about homosexuality from peers, family, and friends.

Why? We often ask that. Being homosexual in this day and age can give you a very clear insight into the reasons why people judge one another.. not just homosexuals, but females, other races, cultures, religions, wealth, or even one's ability to handle social situations. My logical reasoning tells me that ignorance and the natural, human feeling to feel better than someone else is why.

How can we battle this?

Actions speak louder than words.. always. And yes, you can preach something to someone and do the exact opposite. In most cases, words mean nothing.

To stop people from judging us, we must stop judging other people. We must think before we insult someone behind their back because they're nerdy, annoying, black, have a horrible hairstyle, etc. Especially among teenagers- I've seen people automatically disliked because "their backpack was too high on their back."

I've stopped myself so many times- I've also missed a few times and ended up blurting out something that hurt myself and others. We have to stop hate -- hate is the root of everyone's problems.

Without hate.. there would of been no holocaust.

Without hate.. millions of adults and children wouldn't cry themselves to sleep.

Without hate.. there would have been no wars.

Without hate.. we wouldn't have much of a problem being homosexual, would we?

I doubt that if we started to stop trying to judge others now that we would see any results anytime soon.. but imagine generations from now.. homosexuals not worrying about if that boy with the cute smile would hate him for being gay. Imagine people not having to worry about nuclear war. Imagine all the people.. living for today.


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