February 1999

Hi everyone! It's February, the month of love! For those of you with partners, cool! Those of you who are like me, alone, don't worry some one will come! Just remember everybody, the straights will be out in full force! Don't get sick when you see them kissing and holding hands and other stuff like that!

That brings me to my article. It took me a while to think of a topic for it!

Why are we "homosexuals" called "gay and "heterosexuals" called "straight"? I put these names in parentheses because I don't believe in them. Gay people are not always happy like the word really means. And believe me, heterosexuals are not perfect as the word refers to (straight meaning a perfect line or something without imperfection, like a cure in a road would be an imperfection). My view of a perfect world is where two men or women can walk down hand-in-hand without anyone caring!

I go through my day making sure I'm not sticking my gayness in everyone 's face. Yes, I came out to my whole school, but coming out only raises awareness. Coming out is not sticking your sexuality (I hate that word too) in someone's face. Funny how I would never kiss a boy out in public for fear of getting beaten up and "straight" people don't have this fear. Our society has made it perfectly clear that a man and a woman is the right way to have a relationship and that they should show their love in public. But, our society has made equally clear that a same gender relationship is wrong and they should not be allowed to show their love in public!

I had a dream one-day of kissing a boy in the middle of a mall. That dream made me so happy. The thing is a dream is a just a dream, not reality. I will probably be dead before I can ever show affection for my love in public! That is really sad that people don't recognize our love. I know a few gay couples who have been together longer than most married people I know! The thing that kills me is that most people see this as wrong.

How can two people in love for years be considered wrong? I tell you how! They are the same sex, that's totally wrong, right? No! Not at all! "Straight" people need to get their heads out of their bibles and see that love is love and that everyone has a right to it. I say bibles because it is the Christian forms of religions (all that recognize Christ) that are making it hard for us to gain equality. Why should they be worried about us? We don't need special rights, we need equality! I'm no different from anyone else, except that I'm "gay". We don't need the right to marry, it should be implied as normal people have to right to marry and we are normal. To marriage is not exactly religious, but is an agreement of ever lasting love between two people.

We are not "gay", we're just normal people. We are people who just happen to like the same sex (most of the time). We are not different! Forget special rights, we should strive for equality! Unfortunately though, you have to make people realize that God does not hate us, which will be hard!

Thanks for reading this, I hope this got you thinking! Note-I used the term "gay" it means everyone queer. The Article is more powerful with the term "gay" than "queer". I do mean every one but heterosexual when I say gay!

Bye for now!


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