Letter from the Editor -- February 1999

Every so often, one of our writers or readers writes me to tell me they no longer find Oasis relevant. While many initially think it is the magazine which has changed, more often than not, it's them that's different. I love getting these letters. It means that when you started reading Oasis, you were at one place regarding your sexuality, and through it and other means, you've moved on.

But for a whole new batch of people, it remains relevant. In this issue alone, people in different countries or remote parts of America come to Oasis to discover what it means to be queer. One article credits the magazine with helping them get through a turbulent fall semester at school.

Since most of our writers aren't pursuing writing or journalism as a career, they do tend to disappear once writing isn't as necessary for them. The writers aren't paid here (nor am I), so this makes sense, as well. Many writers in the current crop have been here more than a year, though. They all have different reasons for writing. Some like talking about their lives and getting feedback, some have questions they truly want answered, others are at the point where they are questioning society now that they have acceoted themselves.

One thing that is essential though is that when you read an article you like, drop the writer a quick e-mail. This is their only way to know people are reading what they write, which leads to them writing more and often. Any features or things you'd like to see in Oasis, drop me a line at jeff@oasismag.com



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