Gay Teletubby Outed By Mainstream Newspaper

In what is considered a first, a Teletubby has been outed by a Washington D.C. newspaper.

According to E! Online: "In a nod to long-standing rumor, Tinky Winky, the bag-toting member of PBS' kiddie-show creatures, was denoted as "the gay Teletubby" in the New Year's Day edition of the Washington Post. The mention came in the Post's annual in/out list. Tinky Winky made the pop-culturally elite "in" column--opposite his "out" counterparts, Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres."

A spokesperson for the Teletubbies did confirm Tinky Winky is a boy, but rebuffed the gay rumors.

"The Teletubbies haven't even hit puberty yet," the spokesperson said.

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