Crying Temple

By Sandra, Xanii@aol.com

There is a place in heaven, where the angels go to pray with God, before they are left to deal with the souls they will touch. They close their eyes in meditation, purging the sadness they have seen and the pain they have encountered. And when they find a human tragedy too much to bare, they shed tears which fall to their feet and trickle through the clouds onto us. And in these temples, where the angels go to pray with God, they solemnly bow their heads and cross their hands behind their wings and say a few words of encouragement before they take flight and seek the souls they were sent to save...

And there is where I have been, drowning in the tears of angels. Hoping their sadness will cleanse me, will make me somehow whole. If they too can cry, if they too can feel pain, then who am I to think I am immune, that I am of a different breed, that I should not falter?

And I am sitting in this Crying Temple, praying with God, hoping I won't be forgotten in the grief. And it is here, that I am sitting with God, not asking the questions She feels in my heart and it is here, that I am marking my time, wishing it not to be in vain and it is here that I am slowly letting myself die.

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