Troy N. Diggs

March 1999

February 21, 1999

"Just repeat to yourself, it's just a show, and I should really just relax."
--- The opening to "Mystery Science Theater 3000"

As most of ya'll know, a few weeks ago, respected televangelist (gag) Jerry Falwell stated in his ultra-mega-hyper-super-conservative newsletter that Teletubby Tinky-Winky was gay, citing his purple "gay pride" color (Jerry must be color blind, then), triangle shaped antenna, high pitched male voice, and the fact that Tinky Winky carries a purse.

Of course, you know, the inevitable happened: most media outlets and comedy shows made him look like an idiot. I don't blame them, I mean, come on... Teletubbies is for little kids, and little kids don't have a clue what gay is, especially the toddlers in the age bracket Teletubbies shoots for. But, hey, leave it to Jerry Falwell to read something totally absurd into that. That's not my problem with this whole thing.

My problem is that there are people out there who will not only believe Jerry Falwell's Tinkyphobic rantings, but WILL GO OUT AND ACT UPON THEM. You know it's bound to happen: some clueless moron will hear about this and write a letter to their local PBS station and say "Hey, take the gay Teletubby off the air!"... maybe even call their friends and tell them not to watch the Teletubbies... next thing ya know, I'll be pulling up to the Jonesboro Wal-Mart and see people carrying signs saying "God hates Tinky Winky"....

To make that last ranting paragraph shorter, it bothers me that there are people out there who will actually listen and believe utter and total nonsense like that. Hell, Jerry Falwell's not only got followers, but he's got a damned university of impressionable kids believing that complete and utter bullshit. What's even sadder is that when I was in junior high, I saw an ad for Liberty University on TV and actually wanted to go there. Boy, people change.

Look... it doesn't matter what Tinky Winky is. The point is, people, use some common sense before you follow people like Falwell. You may be sheep, but he's Wile E. Coyote trying to convince you he's that sheepdog like in those old WB cartoons. Tinky Winky is a kid's TV character. He is not gay.

Now Dipsy, that one with the phallic antennae, is another story.


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