Snowy Gilchrist

March 1999

The Big Bold Wolf

People could be strange sometimes.

I'm deaf, but the deaf community is close-knitted so I don't feel quite comfortable shagging many Deaf people because the next day they will discuss about my sexual action/performance, even my meat (if I'm not that lucky).

It's how the deaf community work out. Like a mate once said, it's a real deaf cult for sure.

I like to be discreet in the deaf community yet it's difficult.

Last August, I met Fiona McLean, a close mate of 16 years we grew up together in the same primary school, same secondary boarding school and so on, so we had a fab time talking "graphic" and out of the blue, a guy appeared, talking apologetically to us.

Jesus, he's something for me to kill for: gently muscled, sparkling eyes, heart-wrenching smile and beautiful signs. His hair is gorgeously shining! Even his little bum is very sexy. I love everything about him. It turned out that he's deaf.


And then we talked, talked and talked. We found out that he's Russian, coming from Moscow. A "foreigner"! That makes it even more exciting! And then the strange thing is he asked me what the sign for "gay" and "lesbian" is. I remarked "Humph? I'm gay. And you?" He shook his head saying that he's straight. I was pretty disappointed.

It turned out that he had some hots for Fiona, yet Fiona didn't want him ... oops, I don't blame her, having known her that long! She may have the world's sexiest legs but she know how not to be cheap - as she have disrespect for cheap sex.

He has invited me to go to Moscow next year, that's something to look forward to, it would be great. Strange, as I always want to go to St Petersburg, that's the former imperial capital city of Russia, not a wee place in Florida!

St Petersburg's Russian name is "Sankt Peterburg." A few years ago, the citizens of St Petersburg were given a referendum to vote the appropriate name for the City on the Neva, its famous "Window to the West". Die-hard communists wanted them to vote either for Leningrad (as it was named then) or Petrograd but the citizens got away with murder by voting for the FIRST name being given to St. Petersburg, Sankt Peterburg! (please correct me if I got my history wrong!)

Oh, back to Andrew... I'm a bit confused why is it always the straight people when I really want them? Straights have told me that the best picks are gay anyway. Gay people say that the best picks are straight? Why does everyone get their wires crossed?


Snowy Gilchrist

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