March 1999

Hi everybody! My name is Mitch and this is my first time writing for a magazine.

I didn't want to start out my very first article with a lot of heady subject matter, so I'll just tell everybody a bit about myself.

I'm an 18 year old student at Timken Senior High in Canton, Ohio (the center of boredom). I am a huge Madonna fan (I'm gay and worship Madonna, big surprise!) I don't have a boyfriend and I'm still a virgin.

I came out 3 years ago when the media had just announced that the TV sitcom "Ellen" would have it's lead character reveal that she was a lesbian.

This is how it happened: My mom saw this on the six o' clock news and I was there also. So anyway, she made a comment that really pissed me off.

"Those people (gays) are sick!" she said.

I blew up and said, "No they're not! I'm gay you know!"

The rest is history.

Anyway, my mom, because of her religious beliefs, does not accept that I'm gay but she accepts everything else about me.

My stepdad has never made an issue of it so I assume it's not. My real dad, whom I rarely see, has never brought it up. He knows though.

Amazingly enough, I've experienced very little open hostility at my school. I've even written articles for the school newspaper dissing homophobes.

I guess I'm very lucky to go to such a liberal city school. Well, that's a wrap. If this gets published I'll have a REAL article next month. Bye!

I love getting e-mail! Write to me at: mlvciccone@yahoo.com

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