March 1999

You've probably all wanted some sort of an update about my little crush. Unfortunately, things have turned sour.

I opened up to him about homosexuality -- while not admitting directly to myself being that way, I admitted that I didn't care and in fact I hated it when people judged homosexuals. He seemed alright with it at first, but later didn't want to talk about it anymore and became very defensive.

Just today, he told me he was sick of me because I supported homosexuals... and that that wasn't what Christ told us to do.

I simply told him that I believed in what Christ said -- to look on all people with love and caring. I support humanity, and I don't support hate.

And he simply told me, "That's bullshit."

So I walked away.

I walked and escaped that part of my life to envelope myself in the world of theatre, submersing myself in a script and filling my mind with thoughts about my character. I couldn't think of much else. I knew it was over.

And until he starts accepting others as well as himself, it always will be.


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