March 1999

Hey everyone... just taking advantage of some of this free time I have thanks to good ol' President's Day - yes, we do get EVERY holiday off, as all my friends from other colleges complain rather frequently.

In any case, I was waiting in the appropriately named waiting room at my local hospital, UMass Medical Center in Worcester (don't worry I'm okay now...hehe), and the Super Bowl was on the television there.

This started me in thinking as to why men like sports so much. I mean, these football players are supposed to be some of the "jockiest" guys on the planet, yet they get to wear tights and probably have more intimate contact with other men than many of the readers of this column (not that I'm assuming anything - we all know what happens when we assume, after all). And, to top it all off, there are millions of straight guys at home gawking at them on the television.

Sure, they claim it's all about the game, competition and other testosterone - related stuff, but I think that sometimes they just like to look at the players themselves. Consider a sport with more Greek-god like players, such as, umm, well, think of some sport with guys in really good shape.

How about cyclists - they usually look pretty, and I am one so I guess I'm biased. Not only do men like to look at these athletes, they want to look LIKE them - so I guess even straight guys appreciate male beauty, in their own way. Now, I don't consider myself a very competitive person, at least in a sporting way. I don't even really like sports that much, save for the select few (okay, more like one or two) I sometimes dabble in.

Continuing on this train of thought (and the fact that most of my gay friends don't really like sports all that much either), I would have to conclude that straight men like sports so much because they can satisfy some "what won't make society think I'm gay" type of need to look at or be like some beautiful men.

On the other hand, gay men, also along this same line of reasoning, don't have as much of a need for sports, because, frankly, we can be with men in the most intimate ways possible, without a need to fulfill that desire in such a competitive atmosphere.

Okay, well, I just had to get that off my brain. Maybe some of you have thought of something similar? Anyway, thanks for reading, and, as usual you can send me any comments via e-mail to neatnick79@hotmail.com.

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