March 1999

This is the first time that I've written a column for Oasis and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to talk about. Still I managed to come up with something. But first here is a little about myself. I'm Olly, I'm 15 and I live in England. That's all I'll say for now although I'll probably divulge further in later articles. Anyway, here's my point:

I am not a deeply religious person. I don't really have any great religious beliefs. I pray sometimes, but only out of desperation and the reassurance that someone might be there who's listening. But religion is a big thing in the lives of a lot of people and this is not a problem to me.

The point of my article is mainly towards the self righteous little wankers who feel that they must quote the bible as "proof" that gay people are bad. Okay, so perhaps the Bible says -- and I don't know much about the Bible, let alone have the ability to quote from it so I'll just give the interpretation -- that gay people are bad people and that sodomy is bad. But surely, if that's the case, then the bible is contradicting itself. And if the bible is contradicting itself, then the people who quote the bible, or take what it says in there literally are also contradicting themselves.

God created man as an image of himself, I thought. Or actually that's a bit -- okay then, very -- sexist. Perhaps this will be better. God created everyone. And if God created everyone then he created gay people as well. And if God loves us all then he must love gay people as well.

Plus, if God is a homophobe then he's only got himself to blame! I didn't choose to be gay, it's just something about me like the colour of my hair and that kind of thing. And if I didn't chose to be gay then surely he must have made the choice. So therefore, all of you Christian, or any religion come to that, gays have absolutely nothing to worry about.

But it gets better. God is not going to be pleased to see one of his creations, on of his people, being ostracized from society and being made to suffer by a load of fucked up losers who have the audacity to call themselves "Christian" their in attempts to free us from 'a life of sin'. Therefore these people will surely be boarding the lift made of heat resistant materials and going down when then they die--whereas we will be heading straight up to meet the Bloke with the Beard. So heaven shouldn't be too crowded, and for the first time ever, finding a partner should be pretty easy!

I hope you enjoyed that positive thought. Next month I hope to have thought of something more interesting to talk about so be sure to check me out again. I just love to receive email so please send me your opinions, thoughts or whatever you want to me at: gay_wizard@hotmail.com. I will definitely reply.

Hope that you all have an excellent month, thanks for listening, and see you all again next month.


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