March 1999

"... nothing hurts, like your Mouth."
-- Bush, "Mouth"

Now, I'm sure that since this song was for a werewolf movie, it doesn't mean what I am going to use it for, but, eh. This lyric has become undeniably true for me. What people say has really started to tear me apart, seeing as how so few people can say positive things about one another. So far eighth grade has really been the hardest challenge for me; and I'm not winning. I have had so many bad weeks, WEEKS, not days, entire weeks, and many hardships that have completely gnawed at my heart. Soooooo, I hate using this column as a want ad, but if you are 17-12 and you don't mind my constant complaints, then email me and we might set something up. True enough I have met (over the internet) some guys that are extremely nice, but too much older. No offense Mike. Also, please no NO cutesy person above 17 email me and think I'm going to meet you and have just sex. I only want and need the age range I gave and true love is always a nice quality. But don't ask me if you think I am the most beautiful 14yo in FL. I'm not, so don't assume anything. Thanks.

The Real Topic

OK gang, now I get to something that I have been waiting to talk about- religion. True enough, I'm not religious, but I can still believe in a God. That's right 'A' God. I just can't come to believe that there is only one 'supreme being'. But just because I haven't gone to church since I was baptized, doesn't mean I am an atheist. I don't think you should have to go to a place of worship to prove your belief in God.

Speaking of holy things, has anyone else noticed that some people in white clothes (not just religious leaders) have become no better then the creatures in the white hoods? How can someone, anyone, say that you are evil and taboo to God if you are homosexual? Many rely on that oh so famous quote from the Bible (the greatest work of fiction ever known) that states that if a man lays with another man in bed as he would a woman, he shall be condemned. UH-HUH; in the same paragraph it also says that the same will happen if you are disobedient to your mother and father. Guess they just overlooked that one. Anyway, if anyone wants to continue this discussion with me, then you are more then welcome to. Flames will be destroyed with extreme prejudice.

Some More Insight (this one is for the straight people reading, if any) You know, I really haven't given enough credit to kids down here. They are smart enough to see what buttons to push in a person to make them go mad. Luckily, if you show some of your true self to them when they are alone, they might be embarrassed (and straight) and never mention it to anyone. Not good for them, but what is there to be embarrassed about? I think that if you are straight and you unwillingly attract a gay teen, then you have just been given the biggest complement of all! If you have the power to attract your own sex without knowing it , then you must be doing something right. So stop the hate and allow peace to dictate. And for God's sake, be open-minded.

Well, I think I have stirred up enough controversy for one month.

Until next month,

Later My Friends,

Tommy (rough_edges@hotmail.com)

P.S- Faith in yourself is faith enough.

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