Letter from the Editor -- March 1999

Yikes, this was a quick month. I didn't even think I would be able to get a cover story done in time. Actuallky, I didn't. I was planning to run Betty closer to when her book was released. As for the profile, well... I had been trying to interview Adam Colton for the February issue and then he got attacked again, and even more brutally, so he needed time to heal and be out of the spotlight. And I never found time to find another profile. Sorry about that...

Not much doing this month. The issue is actually done early, since I'm taking a long weekend off visiting family before spending a week in Boston. I'm a total weather wimp now, so I will only be outdoors in Boston twice -- from the airport cab to the hotel and the hotel to the airport. Otherwise my hotel is connected to the convention center, so there's no need to suffer in the freezing air (and knowing me, getting sick).

I guess I can share an e-mail I wrote the other day to someone who objected to the content on our site. I was in a strange mood, and instead of deleting the e-mail like I normally do, I just kind of had fun. Not a shock, but I haven't heard back from her yet. Here you go:


Thanks for your feedback to Oasis Magazine, the largest online site for queer and questioning youth. I must admit I was dismayed by your recent feedback. Since you obviously spent so little time on it, I'm pasting it below to refresh your memory:

>To: toogay@oasismag.com
>Subject: <no subject>
>Date: Thu, Feb 25, 1999, 3:52 AM
> You shirt lifting sodomising ass bandidt.

If you're going to send dumb e-mails, please try and use proper spelling and grammar in the future, which would make your statement more hateful and less stupid. I'm sure you'd prefer me to be offended by your e-mail, but frankly I can't get past the errors.

First, shirt lifting should be hyphenated as shirt-lifting. Unless this is supposed to say shit-lifting. But I don't know what shit-lifting is, and in either case you dropped the hyphen.

Second, bandidt is spelled bandit.

Third, it's usually sodomizing, although you're from a different country and it might be on of those s/z things (like realize in the U.S. is spelled realise in the UK, etc.) So, we'll let that one go.

I'm also baffled by your desire to read my Web site, and then send a short misspelled sentence fragment rather than a well thought-out sentence. If you're not going to give me the benefit of having verbs to read, I have no other choice but to think you don't even devote enough time to your hatred. Why bother doing something if you have no plans to perform the task adequately?

Assuming you spelled your initial e-mail correctly, "You shift-lifting sodomizing ass bandit" would definitely be something that got my attention (although I am at a loss as to what shirt-lifting is or refers to in reference to the Web site or sodomy, for that matter). But then the mail is over. What good is getting my attention if you have nothing further to say? Do you approach people in public and say "hey!" and when they respond, cease talking to them? If so, I'm at a loss in understanding this Australian cultural custom. But I think that's one of the beauties of the Internet, bringing different cultures together.

So barring you getting any more enlightened, I would suggest that in the future you put more time into your e-mails, even if it means that overall you send less quantity, but better quality hateful e-mails. There's no use trying to help fight a cultural war if within 10 seconds of receiving your misspelled, verb-less missives, we immediately know you weren't up to the challenge of being on the front lines.

Good luck spreading more adequate hatred in the future.

Jeff Walsh
Oasis Magazine




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