Peacefire releases CyberPatrol password decoder

The password decoder, CPCrack, can be run on any Windows machine to circumvent Cyber Patrol without the password. Cyber Patrol is an Internet blocking program with an estimated 9 million users, promoting a conservative view towards the damaging effects of sexuality, and used by schools and parents to restrict minors' access to political and religious viewpoints contrary to their own. Sites banned by Cyber Patrol have included pages about Judaism, feminism, animal rights, religious tolerance, and the Holocaust; Peacefire encourages Internet users to use tools such as CPCrack to gain access to all viewpoints and form their own opinions.

Peacefire is an organization of about 3,500 members, mostly teenagers, advocating First Amendment rights for people under 18 on the Internet. Our Web site at http://www.peacefire.org/ contains exclusive information about sites blocked by censoring software; these reports has been used by the ACLU and People For the American Way in filing lawsuits against library censorship policies. Peacefire members have been interviewed about Internet censorship on NPR, MTV, Court TV, CNN Financial News and MSNBC.

The software was profiled on C-Net's News.com: http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,31903,00.html

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