Falwell Denies Teletubbies Comments

In a statement posted on his personal web site (http://www.falwell.com/), the Reverend Jerry Falwell now denies making any comments regarding the Teletubby Tinky Winky's supposed role modeling for the "homosexual lifestyle."

The statement reads: "Dr. Falwell has never seen the teletubbies' [sic] TV program. Dr. Falwell has never commented in any way on the teletubbies. He did not "out" Tinky Winky". He then goes on to charge that: "[t]his entire controversy is the worst form of yellow journalism.... clearly designed to stereotype and damage Dr. Falwell."

In fact, Falwell commented throughout the controversy last week on numerous television news programs, including "CBS This Morning" with GLAAD executive director Joan M. Garry on February 12.

The original article, by David Reed of Associated Press, reported on a "Parents Alert" published in Dr. Falwell's National Liberty Journal, a monthly newspaper, which told parents that Tinky Winky used lesbian and gay symbols, thereby making it a "role model."

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