Queer History Site Launches

For a long time historians have considered 'homosexuality' to be a shameful secret. So wherever they saw signs of it they quickly covered it up. Others in society did the same. Manuscripts were burned by embarrassed relatives, ancient statues of gay love were destroyed by angry priests. But some traces survived. And from those scattered remains we have begun to piece together a rich history that goes back to the beginning of time.

Almost daily, scholars in queer studies are publishing new books about same-sex love in other societies and in other times. This information makes it blindingly clear that such love and such relationships have been a part of human experience everywhere and everywhen. And this information _alone_ is enough to undercut the climate of hate directed at people who acknowledge such feelings, and the self-hate that many of us confront.

The Androphile Project (http://www.androphile.org) is one organization that is gathering the recent findings of queer studies and is presenting them to the general public in an accessible and coherent format. Put together by more than a dozen volunteers, it is a resource that combines ancient art, mythology, and modern historical findings into an effective whole. In its totality it is a powerful argument for the central and essential role of same sex love in human society as a creative force, and of its pre-eminence in art, religion, education and sheer joy.

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