The Millennium March On Washington Announces "GLBT Vote 2000"

On Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29, the Board of Directors of the Millennium March on Washington for Equality met in West Hollywood, California.

Mission Statement The Board unanimously approved the mission statement of the MMOW.

"The mission of the Millennium March on Washington is to energize, mobilize and activate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, our friends, our families and our allies."

GLBT Vote 2000

Co-chair Nicole Ramirez-Murray presented the concept of GLBT Vote 2000 to the Board, and it was enthusiastically adopted. The MMOW Board of Directors agreed that one of the best ways to achieve equality is through greater participation in the democratic process. The Millennium March on Washington will promote GLBT Vote 2000, a campaign that will encourage our constituencies to connect with those groups throughout the nation who are engaged in the important work of voter registration. GLBT vote 2000 will help to educate and mobilize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people as well as our families, friends and allies about the importance of registering to vote. GLBT Vote 2000 will direct them to those organizations through web links, print and electronic media and public events. It is our goal to educate, identify and help register new voters all over the country in anticipation of the important 2000 elections.

Executive Producer Robin Tyler presented a comprehensive work plan as well as a working budget. Both were accepted by the Board.

The Board nominated and approved three new Board members: Donna Red Wing, National Field Director of the Human Rights Campaign; Ingrid M. Duran, Executive Director of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Jose Alberto Ucles, Assistant Director of Development at the Whitman-Walker Clinic. The Board accepted the resignation of Elizabeth Birch, Executive Director of HRC.

Co-Chairs Nicole Ramirez-Murray, Ann DeGroot and Duane Cramer will continue in those roles. Donna Red Wing was also named a co-chair.

Town Hall Meetings Planned The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for April 25-26 in Washington, DC. Co-Chairs and committees will meet in Minneapolis, MN, on May 13-15. That meeting is scheduled to coincide with the annual meeting of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association. A Town Hall Meeting on the Millennium March on Washington is scheduled for Thursday evening, May 13, in the Twin Cities. The event is one of many anticipated Town Hall Meetings across the country. The Board plans to meet with and connect to as many interested people as possible and will recruit leaders and activists from all segments of our community for inclusion in the Leadership Council. That Council will work directly with the Board to organize national state and local grassroots activities in support of the MMOW and GLBT Vote 2000.

Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors or the MMOW Leadership Council should send a letter of interest and a resume to: Duane Cramer, c/o The NAMES Project AIDS Quilt, 310 Townsend Street, #310, San Francisco, CA 94107.

For additional information about the Millennium March on Washington, or to become an endorsing organization, please contact our Executive Producer, Robin Tyler, at MMOW, POB 65960, Washington, DC 20035. You may call 202.296.9454. FAX 202.296.9462. Email: MMOW2000@aol.com

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