Call For Submissions for Matthew Book

The "Remembering Matthew" anthology is coming alive and still accepting submissions for this publication. The purpose of this anthology is NOT to say who Matthew was or wasn't or to make him a martyr, this anthology is to capture the hearts and feelings of the many people who were effected by this tragedy. We are accepting poetry, personal essays, art, photography B&W, and shortstories and or letters (editorials or to family) that reflects the feelings of the author, artist, or photographer regarding the beating of Matthew Wayne Shepard, his hospitalization, and his death and how the author responded in his/her community and/or life. There's no limit on the number of pieces, but nothing over 10 double-spaced typed pages.

Send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with your submission, an optional 2x2 or up to 4" self portrait, and a mandatory biography or comment about yourself. The author will retain all rights upon publication of the anthology and payment will be one copy. All proceeds will go directly to the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the Matthew Shepard Fund. Each copy will sell for $25. Deadline for submissions is the last weekend of June in honor of PRIDE, the Stonewall riots of 1969, and the death of Judy Garland. The tentative publication date will be October 12, 1999 (the day Matthew passed away)or December 1, 1999 his birthday and World AIDS Day. Submissions must be typed on one-side of paper and be legible. Art and Photography must be high quality and not the original print. For more information or to submit please send to:

"Remembering Matthew"
c/o Seth Watkins
519 Castro Street #26
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 487-6239

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