QAR launches new Siteworks

Queer Arts Resource is proud to announce the launch of its Winter '99 Siteworks, featuring:

David Wojnarowicz: Authentic History

In conjunction with the retrospective at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, QAR presents an online exhibition of vanguard American artist David Wojnarowicz. New Museum Senior Curator Dan Cameron notes: "Wojnarowicz, who lived on the streets of New York from the age of thirteen, drew from his experiences on the margins of society to create a passionate world of hustlers and homeless, club kids and rednecks, providing a voice for people who have been marginalized by mainstream culture."

Deborah Bright: The Passionate Camera

Editor Deborah Bright curated this exhibition based on her exciting new book in which fifty artists, scholars and critics document and celebrate photography by and about sex-radical artists. The online exhibition features work by Ajamu, Tammy Rae Carland, Darren P. Clark, Ken Gonzales Day, Sunil Gupta, Rita Hammond, Lyle Ashton Harris with Thomas Allen Harris, Andrew Kim, and Chuck Samuels.

Kimberly Austin: Learning Normalcy

At age 14, Kimberly Austin was diagnosed with bone cancer, and her left leg was amputated. Bald from chemotherapy and weighing only 65 pounds, she "felt sexless and different. Strangers could not decide if I was a boy or a girl." Thus began, according to writer Roberta Lord, Austin's investigation into the icons and issues of sexual identity.


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